dessert / indian / udupi

godhi payasa



1 cup broken wheat (dalia)

1 cup jaggery

1cup coconut milk

Cardamom pinch

1 tbsp. Of cashew andraisin.

1 tbsp. Of ghee

1tbs rice flour


Cook broken wheat till it softens.

In another pan boil jaggery in water till the smell goes, now add the coconut milk.

To this mixture add soften wheat. Cook for a minute.

Mix rice flour in about ½ cup of water and  add to this mixture. Stir for a while so that no lumps are formed. Add cardamom.

Roast cashew and raisins in ghee and pour the payasa mixture.

Since I am not very confident of the coco milk. I add it to the mixture in the final stage after I have turned off the flame.


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