snake gourd chutney


Trichosanthes cucumerina’ is a tropical or subtropical vine, raised for its strikingly long fruit, used as a vegetable, medicine, and, a lesser known use, crafting didgeridoos. Common names include snake gourd (var. anguina), serpent gourdchichinga, and padwal. It is known as chichindo in Nepali, chhachindra in Oriya, chichinga or chichinge in Bengalipurla in Sambalpuri language, potlakaaya (పొట్లకాయ) in Telugupathola(පතෝල) inSinhalapudalankaai (புடலங்காய்) in Tamildhunduli in Assamesepaduvalakaayi(ಪಡುವಲ ಕಾಯಿ) in Kannada and padavalanga (പടവലങ്ങ) inMalayalam.

1 cup    snake gourd

½ cup   coconut scraping

2           red chillies dried

1 tsp     grated jaggery

1 ½ tsp  tamarind

Salt to taste.


Pinch of hing

1tsp mustard

1 tsp. Jeera

Cook the snake gourd seeds with salts and jaggery and tamarind.

grind cooked mixture with coconut scrapping.

In a wok heat oil, add mustard, jeera when it begins spurt add curry leaves and pour on the chutney.

This goes well with rice or roti accompanied with raw onion.

Or as base for sandwiches  

As a dip for dosa .


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