dessert / indian / vegetarian

kharjoora payasa

ImageoKharjoora payasa,

1 cup seedless dates

1 cup dried coconut scraping

1 cup grated jaggery

10 cashewnuts

15 raisins

1 tsp cardamom powder

1tsp. Chopped dates

1 tsp. Poppy seeds.

Cook the dates in till soft. And grind to fine paste.

Grind dry coconut,cardamom, poppy seeds to a fine paste.

Mix both the mixture add milk or water to achieve desired consistency.

Garnish with sautéed cashew, raisins and chopped dates.

Can be served hot or cold. This is  a great pick up for postnatal women, the dates give energy, coconut and dates improve laction, while poppy takes care of the fatigue.


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