indian / majjige huli / rice / roti / vegetarian

Tondekai Majjige huli

kitchen tondekaiTondekai majjige huli

½ kg Tondekai (Ivy gourd)

1 cup scraped coconut

1 tbsp. Each of kadele bele(Bengal gram ), coriander seeds, jeera seeds

10 green chillies

1 cup curd

Salt to taste.

Seasoning sasive (mustard), kharipatta asafoetida, oil


Slice the Tondekai to half, and cook

Grind coconut, soaked kadele bele, coriander seeds, jeera seeds, green chillies and turmeric with little water to a fine paste

Add the cooked Tondekai, salt and curd, add water to desired consistency

Heat till it breaks to a boil

Pour the hot seasoning over.

Goes very well with rice, rice noodles, and fairly okay with roti.


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