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Barwaha kundru

kitchen tondekai¼ kg Tondekai slit length wise, without cutting it so that it can be stuffed.

½ cup kadele hittu (Besan)

¼ cup finely chopped coriander leaves.

1 tbsp jeera powder

2 tsp. Chilli powder

2 tsp. Amchoor

2 tsp. Sugar

Salt to taste

Pinch of asafoetida and turmeric.

2-3 tbps of cooking oil.

1 tsp. Of jeera seed for seasoning.

1 tbsp of coconut for dressing.


To the kadele hittu add half the chopped coriander leaves, jeera powder, amchoor, sugar, chilli powder, salt and turmeric.mix it well.

Stuff all the slit Tondekai with this mixture.

In a wok, pour the oil when it heats add the jeera and hing.

Now drop in the stuffed Tondekai cover it with whatever remaining masala mixture. Close and let it cook for about 7minutes now lightly stir it with a spoon so that the other side gets to the bottom and roasts. Sprinkle water, if required close and let it cook for another 5mnts or till the gourds are cooked. Dress with fresh coconut scrapping and remaining chopped coriander.

Goes well with roti. Though not so great with rice.


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