deep fried / indian / lunch box / onion-garlic free / pakoda / raw banana / snack / udupi / vegetarian

Balekayi Podi– 1

raw banana

Balekayi podi.—1

1 balekayi

1 cup rawa

2 tsp coriander seeds

1 tsp jeera seeds

3 red chilli

Pinch of hing.

6-8 oil

Salt  to taste

Soak rawa for about an hour

Fry coriander seeds,jeera seeds,chilli  powder this to get a fine powder

Add this to the rawa and create a batter of dosa/crepe consistency.

Slice the raw banana into thin wafers.

Heat a skillet  smear it with oil, dip the banana wafers into the batter  and roast both sides.

Serve hot with tea/coffee.

Onions,carrots beetroot,  potatoes can also be used instead of raw bananas.

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