indian / lunch / lunch box / vegetarian

Dum aloo


2 big potatoes,

1 small onion

1 tsp coriander seed

1 tsp cumin seeds

4 peppercorn

¼ inch cinnamon

2 cloves

1 tsp. Red chilli

½ tsp turmeric

tbsp curd (can be substituted with tomatoes)

1 tbsp. Oil

1 tbsp coriander leaves

Salt to taste


Quarter the potatoes after peeling it, pierce with a fork.

Dice onions and grind to paste with coriander, cumin, pepper, cinnamon, clove.

In a cooker pour oil and sauté the potatoes till it just beings to brown.

Add the ground paste, salt, turmeric and curd sauté for a minute.

Add water to just soak the mixture.

Turn off after 4 whistles after the pressure is released, dress with coriander leaves, and serve with chapati’s or puri’s


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