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Dry fruit ladoo

dry fruit ladoo

dry fruit ladoo

My sister-in-law Anu, has come up with this excellent no cook or stir ladoo, she calls it dry fruits ladoo, while I call it power ladoo since the nutrition value is high.

this is an quick and easy to make dish particularly for those who are habituated to making prasads

Dry fruits Ladoo

1 cup dried date powder

½  to 1 cup of other dry fruits of your choice.

2-3 cardamom pods

1 cup dry coconut grated.

1 tin condensed milk.


Coarsely powder the dry fruits, and cardamom.

Mix it with the dry date powder.

Add condense milk until the mixture can be rolled into balls.

On a tray spread out the coconut scrapping, roll the dry fruit ladoo on it till the entire surface is coated.

Your Ladoo is ready to serve.

Just a suggestion for mothers adding coarsely ground cornflakes along with the coconut could give the ladoo a crunch though it might mess up the shelf life.

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