dessert / ekadashi / hesaru bele/kaalu / shivaratri / sweet dish / udupi / vegetarian

Hesaru bele payasa

moong dalHesaru bele payasa


1 cup hesaru bele (green gram dal)

1 cup jaggery

½ cup coconut milk/or cow’s milk

½ tsp cardamom.


Cook the green gram dal until it is soft.

To the cooked lentil add equal volume of water, add in the jaggery,coconut milk/cow’s milk and cardamom. bring to a boil.

Garnish with roasted cashew.

  • I stir this or beat it with a beater so that the lentil blends with the other ingredients
  • I do not add the coconut milk before boiling for it might curdle. I add the coconut milk after the boil.
  • Sometimes I add in ¼ to equal measure of cashew, the husked one, after immersing in hot water and dehusking.This is added with daal so that they cook together.

This is can taken either hot or cold. An ideal dish to break the Shivaratri or Ekadashi fast as it cools the stomach.

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