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Uttuthe Payasa

adigemane (1)Date payasa

This is a recipe that I picked from my mother-in-law. Though there is a tradition of making this kharjoor payasa  the dry dates were not some how very popular in our house .

To be very frank neither was Uttuthe kheer so much so I had forgotten its existence.


4-6 dry dates, 2 cups of milk

Sugar to taste optional

½ tsp. Cardamom.

6-8 cashew nuts chopped.

6-8 raisins.

1 tsp. ghee


Deseed the grapes.

Soak the dates in ½ cup hot milk for about half an hour.

Then grind it coarsely along with the cardamom.

In a sauce bring milk to a boil, add the ground dates and simmer for about 8-10mnts.

Separately in wok heat ghee add in cashew and raisins when the cashew turns golden brown pour over the payasa,

Turn of the flame serve hot.


adigemane (2)

Dry date powder available in Pune

Coconut milk can be used instead of milk. That’s the version done at our house.


I really like the way Pune-ites have utilized technology to preserve their tradition. Even small grocers of Pune sell dried  date powder, if dried date powder is used then soak two table spoons of dried grapes in really hot milk so that the raw taste of dried dates goes away.

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