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The Flavours of Singapore

singapore -3Customize menu… my Indian palate is accustomed to the 5 takes, of salt, sweet, sour, spice and acrid all together. I think it is politically correct to replace spice with chilli hot, and acrid with tangy I thought I am not confident about the correctness of the translation. When we talk about Singapore, it is said that shopping and dining are the two national pastimes.  Like Australia the country attracts food based itineraries.  The diversity of the countries ethnicity reflects in its cuisine. The national fruit of Singapore is the Durian.

Though the country is multiracial, the ethnicity is dominated by Chinese, Malay and Indian, and this is defined in the food too.  Each cuisine has it characteristic flavour principle, be it the tomato-lemon-oregano in Greece, lime-chilli in Mexico, the tomato-onion-garlic-ginger of the Punjabi cuisine, some where there has been natural transformation of taste. Hybridisation of different styles seems logical, like Peranakan cuisine which is mix of Chinese and Malay food.

I meme that I wish I had could create

I meme that I wish I had could create

That does sound interesting, the cuisine of Chinese migrants inter-marrying with local Malay . The cooking of the Peranakan  is affectionately called nonya cooking or Auntie cooking. This is basically a blend of Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay-Indonesian community. the key ingredients include coconut milk, galangal a mustard scented rhizome similar to ginger candlenuts  which are used both to flavour and thicken.  Then there are leaves like Laksa leaf{},pandan leaves {pandanus amarylifolius} belachan, tamarind juice, lemon grass, kaffir  lime leaf and cincaluk a shrimp based flavouring agent which is very strong.


Assam Peda,  image courtsey Far East Hospitality

Assam Peda, image courtesy Far East Hospitality

The whole Earth:  being a vegetarian, I need to look at alternates, of course choice is frankly substituted veggies it was www. that interested me the most. They had picked up veggies nearest to the meat in texture and adapted it to the authentic recipe.  One option would be  to opt for one of set menu’s which are listed here the other would be to try out, Olive Rice as a staple and experiment with various dishes. I would begin with Assam pedas, which means sour and spicy in Nonya cooking. Then there are varieties of dishes that I could try. Like the

Nyonya curry make of shiitake mushroom and cooked over 8 long hours.

Kong Bah again Shiitake mushroom braised in sauce, it is supposed to be a popular comfort food.

Penang Rendang   pan fried mushrooms. With high spice levels.

The whole earth is located at 76 Peck Seah St., Singapore 079331 and calling 656323330 will get you a reservation.

Red Bean Prata image courtsey FarEa st Hospitality

Red Bean Prata image courtsey FarEa st Hospitality

The Prata Place at 1Thong Soon Avenue Singapore 787431 is like a fusion of the Punjabi Parata with Chinese. This is a crisper version of the Prata (the Singapore name for Parate) and is the traditional Chinese red bean pancake. It promises to be thinner and crispier than the standard prate.  It also promises to ooze red bean paste with every bite.

Chye Seng Haut Hardware--Coffee House --Image courtsey Far East Hospitality

Chye Seng Haut Hardware–Coffee House –Image courtsey Far East Hospitality

150 Tyrwhitt road, houses Chye Seng Huat Hardware, and I was totally intrigued to see this listed in a coffee paradise. Apparently this is a coffee house, housed in what used to be a hardware store in a former industrial district. Interestingly it also houses a coffee school, private tasting room and roaster. Beyond coffee they promise what they call “Tummy fillers” that is sweet treats like Madeleine’s, and Hazelnut coffee Muffin.

<img src="" />  PS: Thanks for introducing me to Memes you’ve created a monster .

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