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McCain’s Hold.

Sunita Archana and I were in deep conversation. Little Shalmali was viewing television at my place when

“Bang” Archana’s door shut and she was locked out. 11am is the time both Archana and I take off from our patients. Invariably I have some snack handy since my kids were school going and Dabba was religion. That meant something creative quite often.  As we adults sipped tea, I thought it was a great idea to give Shalmali something to eat, she  said she wanted Soup-potato… her name for French fries since I usually gave it to her tomato soup another mandatory resident at my refrigerator.

As  I was frying the chips slowly another kid turns up, “aunty I also want”  then the third. That meant frying all the French fries, I still ran short fortunately I had wedges, of course then I had to give something drink with it, I got nestea, Bertha my third neighbour turned up with fresh baked cakes and presto the kids had one great party at 11 am in the morning.

Potato to me is a much misunderstood vegetable, the world conspires against it. think of the wonderful rainy evening with thick broth soup preferably tomato with deep fried French fries… can life get better.

When it comes to French fries they are definitely healthy, I mean potato is vegetable, deep fried in vegetable oil, could someone tell me what is unhealthy about eating vegetables?

while we are at it, I think we need to add this to list,  you are most likely aware that Linnaeus lumped the tomato into the same genus as the potato, a food with a reputation for its widespread availability and easy satisfaction of oral needs.

Okay I am not the defence attorney for potatoes, but yes potatoes have save me time and again. Earlier I would store boiled potatoes in my shelf. Then I discovered McCain’s. Stocking this really allows for impromptu parties.

another time, i had this professor visiting us, and since we were to go out station I had cleaned up fridge except for a few salad vegetables. I could make roties   put what would I serve it with,  here is what I did with it,

2 tomatoes,

1 onion,

1 inch ginger

½ tsp. Pepper,

1 tbsp. Sugar.

Salt to taste

2 pods of garlic.

Tablespoon of cream

1 packet McCain crunchy delight.

Oil for deep frying.


  • Sauté the onion, garlic, pepper, ginger and grind to paste
  • In wok deep fry the McCain crunchy delight and keep aside to drain./ you can microwave or grill it.
  • Now, in another wok, heat a tbsp. Of ghee, add jeera and hing.
  • Now add in the ground masala paste when the ghee starts separating add in the fried McCain crunchy.
  • Decorate with chopped coriander leaves and fresh cream.

Serve it hot with Roti.

Potato is quite easy to think of, and for people who do not have much money it is easy to think of them with certain safety. Potatoes are on the last things to disappear, in times of war which probably why they should not be forgotten in times of peace.

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