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Pickle Time



Here I am looking at a shout out, for as a launch summer offer they are offering free delivery of pickles.

Summer and pickles seem to go hand in hand, when we were young summer meant pickles too. of course there was no free delivery. Since mom made them.

Since my mother was a school teacher she made the annual batch of pickles, and sun-dried crisps during the summer vacation. It had to be between April 10th and May 10th since usually the pre-monsoon showers started then.

kittale soppur gojju.

Home made orange peel pickle, the other pickle I make.

Some time earlier when the tender mangoes came in to the market, Marceena Bai at rathabeedi would keep it out for her. Amma would bring it home and put it in brine. Once the holidays began, it would be chillies and mustard from Jogappa shangbaug. Then hand ground with stone and pestle, later she shifted to the mill, in front of appi-atte’s house…the pickles were many, thokku, hindi, avakai.

This pickling would be happening all over town at grandma’s place in Bailoor, Melmutta, Belmaar, supervised by Padmavati doddamma, Appi-athe saying,”Kittamma pickles always turn out well,”


old fashioned grinding stone on which my mother, and her grandmother before her ground the pickle masala.

Padmavati doddamma saying,”yeah, sour women making good pickles.”


When the monsoons came it, red rice ganji, homemade ghee and pickles were like food of the goods.In retrospect it was a summer camp, suddenly you have to sprint to get something  from the store, or climb up the tree for an emergency ingredient some where we learnt pickling too, the seven days of sun-drying the exact shade of the pickle before bottling it, etc. etc..

When I got married and tried my hand at pickling, finding the raw material, then the time to pickle just got overwhelming and I shifted to buying them. the only pickle I make annually is the raw jack fruit one, I make it both the Udupi style and the Punjabi style.

Coming back to PlaceOfOrigin, I went on to their website, the was something very clean and comfortable about the website, no pushy advertisements, reasonable prices, triggering lot of memories, i did something I never do, I signed up for the site,

Still more shocking I actually ordered Coorgi coffee and pickle. The range of pickles are found on just in case you want to check them out.

gud-anna (3)

pickles served on a traditional platter



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