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Raagi HuriHittu

Ladies club meetings are rather annoying at times, when the standard assumption that south Indians eat idli and dosa for breakfast, well, not that we do not but my own memories of break fast was the standard “Ganji” that is red rice cooked with lots of water eaten with ghee and pickle, then there was Raagi hurihittu, aralu hittu which were also doled out on and off, idli and dosa were around for festive occasions.

The dosa’s made are also of many varieties, and not eaten with potato curry, we make umpteen varieties of chutney.  That is for another blog though

Raagi Hurihittu, is more popular in Mysore and Malnaad as compared to the Karavali or the westcoast. Raagi Hurihittu is something that is really easy to make and absolutely wholesome, is very simple

  • Soak raagi for 2hrs.
  • Drain and sundry I usually leave out for a day
  • Then roast it on a dry pan it begins to pop.

This is then eaten with milk. These days it is available and these have raisins and dry fruits in it. Raagi is very nutritious, easy to make as far as I am concerned I rather my daughter eats this than Kellogs.  It does not have to be eaten sweetened, my mom puts in chutney powder and adds a bit of buttermilk and has hers spicy.

Ragi is known as finger millet in English, and its nutrition value per 100gm is

7.6g        protein

1.5g        fat

88g         carbohydrate

370mg   calcium

0.48mg vitamin A

0.33mg thiamine

0.11mg   riboflavin.

1.2mg    Niacin

Raagi is also the first solid food we introduce our children to. In this case the ragi is soaked in water, dried and powdered fine, this is then cooked in milk.

Rice soaked, dried and roasted gave us the aralu hittu, which we ate with milk and jaggery, sometimes with Banana thrown in between.

Kerala has a similar breakfast called Avalosi podi….

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