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Sorekai Cutlet

Bottle gourd cutlets
Ever been in the kitchen when the grocery shopping is pending, and uninspiring veggies are all that is left, and guests coming over, Yahoo join the crowd. With one potato and marrow,
This dish bailed me yesterday.
• 1 ½ cups SoreKaayi (bottle gourd, or any marrow.)
• ½ cup ground nuts
• 1 onion
• ¼ cup rice flour.
• 1 potato
• 2tsps garam masala
• Salt to taste
• Oil for shallow frying.
• Run the marrow, ground nuts, onion,and potatoes to a coarse paste.
• Add the garam masala
• Fold in the flour.
• Divide these into fourteen portions.
• Shallow fry on both surfaces –if like me you are low on the patience department deep fry it.
Serve with imli ketchup. And green chutney.

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