Of late I have taken to watching Marathi serials. And one them is “agao bai sasubai”  which talks of lot of old recipes.

In traditional udupi cuisine we have kumbhalakai athrasa. I saw the Maharashtrian variation of it called the Gharge.  It is very simple to make, can be stored for about a week it makes it an excellent food to carry while travelling.



2 cups diced pumpkin or 1 cup pumpkin puree

½ cup jaggery.

1/8 sp. Nutmeg powder

2 cups wheat flour.

1 tbsp. Sooji.

½ tsp. Sauf.

Oil for deep frying.


Steam the pumpkin  or microwave for 2mnts.

Mix all the ingredients to a stiff dough roll into small puri’s and deep fry.

Serve hot. Or store after it cools.

2 thoughts on “Gharge.

  1. This is one of my favorite sweet. However, in Gharge made in our house in Dharwad, sooji & sauf are not used . Cardamom powder is used. It is the quality of pumpkin and jaggery determine to a large extent the quality of the Gharge.

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