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Dindigal Biriyani

This Navaratri, instead of the routine stuff, i decided to follow chitra’s foodbook.   of course all the  recipe’s were good but on vijayadashami i was kind of confused as to what kind of Menu I should have. Till last year I would put the doll display called ‘Gombe idodu” in kannada or ‘Gollu” in Tamil and Telgu.  The menu then was quite fixed, there would be a sundal for the guests and some sweet and Jar snack and of course the payasam.

My lunch menu would be a ‘kosumbri’ a chutney, a stirfried vegetable we call playa, some masala rice and of course the Udupi Saaru with rice, curd and payasa would help to wind the meal well. There would also be the usual papad and pickle. This time I wanted to do something so I decided to try dindigil biriyani it meant calling up my cousin in nagarcoil and checking it out. I’m sharing the recipe here.

This makes the dish for 3 people but can be stretched for 4.

Dindigal mixed vegetable Biriyani


Seeragai sombu rice    1 ½ cups. (soaked for ½ hr and drained) weight wise around 250 gms.

Mixed vegetables.  ¾ cup ( mushrooms can also be used.)( authentically mutton is used)

Onions chopped.

Water 7 ½ cups roughly 1:3 proportion.

Dry spices

2 green cardamom

1” cinnamon,

1-2 strand of mace

1 dagad phool (I skip this since I don’t like its flavour)

8-10 black pepper

¼  tsp. Fennel seeds

Grind to paste:

Onion                            1

Tomato                           1

Green chillies               2

Mint leaves                   2tbsp.

Curd                              ¼ cup

Turmeric                       ¼ tsp.

Red chillies                  ¼ tsp.

Coriander powder       ½ tsp.


  • Grind to paste tomato, onion, green chillies, mint and curd.
  • Take a pressure cooker pour 2tbsp. Of ghee. When the ghee warms add in the dry spices.
  • Stir for a minute and add the ground paste stir for a minute stir till for a minute
  • Add the vegetables, stir again for a minute
  • Add in the coriander powder, red chillie powder and turmeric. By this time the paste will release the aroma.
  • Now add in required quantity of water, allow for a boil. When it just begins to boil add in the rice.
  • Cook for 3 whistles and allow the pressure to drop on its own.

In case you are not upto all this elaborate work pick up the ‘aachi’s dindigal biriyani mix’ and have a ball

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