main course

Bedmi Puri

“In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.”
Barbara Costikyan (10/22/84 New York Magazine) ‘Charles Wysocki’s Americana Cookbook’

The other day I went to Rasoda the Rajasthani restaurant at Old Goa, I was looking up the menu and I spotted Bedmi Puri, I realized I had even forgotten that it existed.

So this time when I didn’t have to cook of anyone other than me, the first dish I pulled out was the Bedmi Puri. I remembered my grandmother’s proportion was

¼ cup urad daal soaked.

¾ cup wheat flour

2tbsp. of hot oil

Salt to taste,

Knead the dough divide into 8 -10 portions roll and deep fry. But another authentic Rajasthani friend mentioned that she added  

A pinch of asafetida

¼ tsp. of Kalonji (onion seeds)

½ tsp.  dry ginger powder.

½ tsp. chili powder.

Somewhere I was sceptic if a poori with all these addenda would raise up. But interestingly it did. Of course traditionally Bedmi is breakfast and is eaten with Potato sabzi.

Bedmi Puri from Rasoda which triggered an memory

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