Double Ka Meeta

When my daughter was in Hyderabad, the Eid recipe that was there on most papers was ‘Double Ka meeta.” Somehow, I thought that it was a very complicated dish.

Double I realized was the word for bread and double ka meetha was pudding made of bread.  From the all the recipes that I read, I realized dry fruits, and milk condensed, or rabdi were the dominant ingredients. Here is my version.


4 slices of bread,

400 ml Amul basundi.

Amul ghee for deep frying.

Dry fruits roasted and coarsely bounded.


  • Slice the bread into triangles and deep fry to golden brown. Keep aside.
  • In a broad-based tray or dessert bowl pour in 200ml of Amul basundi.
  • Arranged the dry bread on over this. Now pour the remaining 200ml of basundi.
  • Top with dry fruits coarsely pounded and elachi.
  • Chill for 30mnts minimum before serving.

This is a good dish for kids to try out. Particularly if you have a microwave, the toasting can be done in the microwave and then layering can be done. It becomes a no fire dish.

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