main course

Khuskhase Poori.

My take on life is very simple… ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch. And if the lunch is ‘aloo-puri’ then I can forgive anybody including my own relatives.

But since self-care is my mantra for 2022, and forgiving all and sundry is essential for self-care I reckon it becomes essential to start the new year with aloo puri.

But of course, new year also calls for a new dish. So, I decided to do a variation of the traditional Karanji with spices instead of sweet filling. So here is to Khuskhus poori.

Ingredients: (makes 8 puris)

khuskhus poori with traditional Goan Moong bhaaji and aloo bhaaji.

For the casing.

¾ cup all-purpose flour.

¼ cup wheat flour

1 tsp oil,

Salt to taste.

For the stuffing

2 tbsp of khuskhus (poppy seeds) soaked for 2hrs.

¼ tsp. each of kalonji, jeera, saunf. (Onion seeds, cumin and fennel)

1 each of black and green cardamom.

Pinch of cinnamon powder,

1 clove.

½ tsp each of pepper powder and dry ginger powder.

Salt to taste.

Oil to deep fry.


Knead the ingredients for casing to a stiff dough. Keep aside for about ½ an hour.

Warm a wok add the onion seeds, cumin and fennel roast for about a ½ a second. Now add in the black and green cardamom and clove. Sauté for another ½ second. Add in the ginger, pepper and cinnamon powder finally add the soaked poppy. Roast till the aroma begins to waft.

Once the mixture is cool powder it.

Divide the kneaded dough into eight portions.

Roll each slightly to hold about 1 ½ tsp of filling.

Place the filling and envelope with the casing. Now roll out the filled envelope into flat poori’s.

Deep fry and serve with pickle and curd.

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