Yellu Holige

Yellu holige

The tradition of sesame or yellu being part of the winter diet is seen all over the subcontinent.

The new moon of Margashira heralds the ‘yella Amavasya’ where gratitude is offered to mother earth and the earth is replenished with nutrients.

the dish of honor for this day is the yellu holige…. The traditional recipe goes:

½ cup wheat flour½ cup chiroti rawa

yellu holige.

½ yellu (sesame seeds) roasted.

1 cup dates.

¼ cup jaggery optional

1 tbsp. milk.

1 tbsp. oil

Pinch of salt.

The flour, rawa oil and salt are kneaded to form a dough and kept aside. The dates are deseeded, chopped to fine pieces.

In a wok, a bit of ghee is added, the jaggery, sesame seeds and dates are cooked till it forms a thickish mass.

The kneaded dough is divided to small portions and the date-sesame mixture is place the dough then envelopes the mixture. This is rolled and shallow fried on a skillet.

However here is my version of it.

¾ cup all-purpose flour.

¼ cup wheat flour.

½ cup sesame roasted and powdered.

¼ cup of jaggery. (You can increase this if you like it sweet)

2tbsp. oil

1tbsp. milk.

I used my Vijayalakshmi dough kneader and kneaded the ingredients into a pliable dough.

After which I divided the dough into 8 portions, rolled and shallow friend it on a hot skillet.

This can be served hot or cold, with ghee on top it. Of course, there lot of people who like it with honey.

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