Grape Jam.

Grapes are bunch of joy to munch. Be it just the fruit, seeded, seedless, I also like cooking grapes though they a bit messy. Formerly I would hesitate to make cake jam simply because I had to add pectin. But here was a recipe with no pectin.

1 cup of grapes de-seeded and skinned.

¾ cup of sugar.

Save the skin of the grape separately.

In a pan add the sugar and grapes and warm till the sugar dissolves. Let it cool and then blend it, pour this back into the pan and bring to the mixture to a boil add the peel and stir till the mixture thickens. 

The mixture drops instead of free flow.  This is now ready to be bottled.

this mixture can be used to flavor cakes and biscuits too.

Nutrition value:

One cup of grapes which is about 92 gms provides

  • 62 calories.
  • Fat 0.3g.
  • Sodium 2mg.
  • Carbohydrates 16gm
  • Fibre 1gm
  • Sugar 15gm.
  • Protein 0.6gm.
  • Vitamin C 3.68mg.
  • Vitamin K 13.4 mcg.
  • Vitamin A 4.6 mcg.

Hope to see you soon with more grape experiment. The grape jalebi is another experiment that is pending.

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