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Bhindhi Salan

BHINDI SAALAN Bhindi ka saalan would limb kid/lamb cooked with okra. This is from the Awadhi repertoire; here potatoes have been substituted for lamb.  The dish is creation of Raminder Malholtra, Dinesh Rawat and Mohammed Ilyas from Jehangirabad palace kitchen Serves 4 Cooking time 30mnts Preparation time 45mnts. 450g   Okra Cooking oil to deep fry … Continue reading

The Soup of the  Allium Cepa kind.
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The Soup of the Allium Cepa kind.

The Soup of the  Allium Cepa kind. I grew up in a university town, where visiting faculty, external examiners were all invited to one meal to house as a convention. The spread then would formal. There were standard departmental dinners and stuff like that. When I got married my husband decided from shift from … Continue reading

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Ram Ladoo

To me Delhi meant, tombs and monuments, and of course street food. The Golgappa’s, aloo tikki and even the chole-bature at Motibagh have their own unique place. But of course golgappa’s rule the roost. But this travel blog on must have Delhi street food named something called “Ram Ladoo” Now this was new, I called … Continue reading

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Cauliflower kabab-1

2 cups boiled peeled potato 2 cups grated cauliflower 1 tsp. red chilli powder 1 tsp. Minced green chilli 1 tsp. Chopped coriander leaves Salt to taste Grated ginger Chat masala Oil for frying. Mix all the ingredients except for oil and chat masala Divide into lemon sized portions, Deep fry serve hot with mint coriander … Continue reading

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Sabbasige gojju

1 bunch sabbasige finely chopped 2 onions sliced length wise 2-3 green chillies slit length wise 1-1   ½ inch ginger grated 1-2    Tablespoon of kadale hittu (besan) 1-3   Pods of garlic finely chopped. Pinch of garam masala Salt to taste Ghee and jeera seeds for seasoning. Method Heat a tablespoon of ghee in a wok. … Continue reading

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Matar Paneer

We had the nestle’s home executive visit us, and this was a recipe she shared. I really liked it very much. MATAR PANEER Preparation time 10mnts. Cooking time      15mnts. Serves                 4 Maggie bhuna masala for gravy dish                1packet Turmeric powder                                          ½ tsp. Red chilli powder                                          ½ tsp. Coriander powder                                         1tsp Peas                                                             200g shelled Paneer          … Continue reading