Paneer Bhurji Noodles
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Paneer Bhurji Noodles

Preparation time              10mnts. Cooking time                     10mnts. Serves                                  2 Ingredients. Maggie  2 minutes noodles Masala 1  packet Oil 1tbsp. Onion 1 large chopped fine Tomato 1 large chopped fine Green chillies 3 chopped fine Paneer 100gms cut into small cubes Coriander leaves 3 tbsp. chopped Salt To taste.   Method: Sauté the onions … Continue reading


Coconut Mice.

Preparation time              20-30mnts. No cooking time required Serves 6-8 people. Ingredients. Milkmaid sweetened condensed milk    ½ a tin                   200 gms. Desiccated coconut powder                        3 ½ cups               200gms Icing sugar                                                           1 ¼ cup                 100gms. Silver balls – to make eyes                           10-15 Glazed cherries—to make nose                                4-5 Almonds sliced vertical to make ears       … Continue reading