Eggless Christmas cake
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Eggless Christmas cake

Here I am clearing up all the cuttings I had collected over years, and I came across an eggless christmas cake that I learnt at the Nestle’s cooling club. It has been quite a favorite with me. Preparation time 30-40 mnts. Baking time 1 hr. INGREDIENTS Milkmaid sweetened condensed milk              1tin Butter                                                      100gm Sugar                                                       … Continue reading

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Traditional This is a  special dish made as an offering when the mother goddess is worshipped. Known as Gudanna.  This dish symbolizes the nurturing quality of the divine feminine as it is rich in nutrients. Ingredients 2 cups white rice—I prefer Ambemor or chandini. 8 cups water (water proportions could vary depending on the rice.) … Continue reading